A high-end quality control system for inspection of food packaging - easy to implement and operate.


Complete quality control
of food packaging

VisioPointer® is a high-end, state-of-the-art quality control system designed for thorough quality control of food packaging. VisioPointer® is a complete solution with its built-in conveyor belt, ejector and compact design, making it easy to install in most existing production lines.

The system is based on TriVision's advanced machine vision technology, making it a highly reliable, accurate and efficient quality control system.
With light and camera setups both above and below the unit’s built-in conveyor belt, VisioPointer® can inspect labels and artwork, barcodes and printed date markings both on the top and the bottom of different types of food packaging.

VisioPointer® also inspects the package seals of e.g. thermoformed packaging, tray sealed packaging and vacuum skin packaging.

Discover VisioPointer®'s inspection types:

Seal               Label and artwork               Barcode               Print

An advanced quality control system
that is easy to operate

VisioPointer®'s operating system and interface are developed by TriVision to be intuitive and user-friendly for the operator. That supports the production team in minimizing flawed products, waste, downtime and costs.


From an integrated touchscreen, the operator can operate the system, monitor the production and errors, spot trends and make quick adjustments.


A complete solution

Quality control system with its own built-in conveyor belt and ejector

High quality

Produced as IP65 classified in stainless steel with high-end components

Complete inspection

Seal, label, artwork, barcode and print inspection

- Arla Foods, Denmark

"Before acquiring the TriVision system, we had many production stops, but that has improved a lot. Also the number of customer complaints has decreased."

- Arla Foods, Denmark

- Arla Foods, Denmark
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  • Full, in-line / end-of-line inspection of products
  • Clear overview of production status and failure levels
  • Handles unlimited number of product variations
  • Immediate rejection of compromised products
  • Simple teach-in of new products requiring no programming
  • Complete documentation and analytics through cloud-enabled Production Intelligence
Talk to a vision expert

Talk to a vision expert

Want to discover how VisioPointer can help your business with quality assurance and production optimization? Send us a message, and one of our vision experts will reach out to you as fast as possible!

Technical overview

Products inspected

Food products or packaging

Product dimensions

Height = 100 mm
Width = 280 mm
Depth = 250 mm

Inspections possible

See individual Inspector pages

Camera type


Processing system

Industrial PC

Operating system

Windows 10 IOT Enterprise LTSB

Communication protocol

OPC UA and digital I/O




Full HD for wide screen

User interface language

All languages available

Possible functionality

  • Production Optimization
  • Production Intelligence
  • Remote assistance
  • MES / ERP connection

Possible inspection types

  • Seal
  • Label and artwork
  • Barcode
  • Print


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