VisioPointer® updated

Optimize throughput and reduce food waste from faulty packaging with new VisioPointer® technology

Food waste is a global challenge reaching staggering 1.3 billion tonnes each year. When it comes to production and packaging, the problem lies primarily in products with faulty packaging reaching retail shelves, where consumers reject them because of visual flaws. The new VisioPointer® technology from TriVision can prevent this.
Key benefits of vision technology addressed in this bulletin:
  1. Short ROI
  2. Increased production throughput
  3. Fewer product claims
  4. Increased quality
  5. Easy run-in of new items (3 minutes)

The new VisioPointer
Think back. Probably you remember a time when you were shopping and picked up a pack of cheese where the packaging had flaws. Either it did not seem as if it was sealed right or the print was not perfect. In any case you probably left this particular cheese on the shelve. And do you know what? So did the next person who picked it up, and this way that sorry pack of cheese ended up in the retail dumpster.   The top 5 packaging failures that food manufacturers struggle with are:
  1. Migration/leaching
  2. Contamination
  3. Adhesion/sealing
  4. Material defects
  5. Labelling failures
VisioPointer® can help manufacturers remedy these faults early in the production process, reducing waste in retail as well as in the production lines, while optimizing throughput.  
Reducing waste through technology
Industrial vision technology uses high resolution and fast cameras for detecting flaws in products, and it’s a promising technology that can prevent food waste. Industrial vision technology has been around for more than 40 years, but within the past 15-20 years, growth in automated production has put the technology to wide use. We have built-up considerable expertise in applying machine vision in food manufacturing, and we can document results in the plants where our technology is installed. The Nordic food giant Arla has been a key customer for many years and their goal is to only deliver perfect products. They have moved from a situation with many quality-related production stops to a lot less stops. At the same time the number of customer complaints has decreased, and we believe this is a real success story with a high ROI for Arla. The cameras themselves can photograph many types of food products and the software used to interpret the images, can inspect seals, labels, slices, product, and packaging. The secret of VisioPointer® lies in the combination of cameras and easy to use software that has been developed over almost 20 years.  
Product development makes technologies available to anyone
We have just finalized the development of the new VisioPointer® solution and made it even more easy to use for operators. Food manufactures can automatically identify seal contamination and quality flaws, incorrect labelling or date marking and faulty packaging. With the updated VisioPointer® we have made it possible to implement our technology without rebuilding the whole production plant. The size is so compact (80x80x185 cm) that it will fit in any production line, and because we detect problems early on with our production intelligence module, machine problems can be remedied before turning in to mass-volume quality issues. VisioPointer® is very easy to operate and new items take only 3 minutes to run-in. So now there really is no excuse for not using machine vision technology to improve quality, increase throughput and reduce waste in food manufacturing.  
The new VisioPointer® key updates
  • Improved SealInspector and control of punch
  • Improved performance up to 6 items/sec
  • Capable of handling items with variations in length
  • Improved image quality through doubled visual band area
  • Capable of reading label number
  • Windows 10 embedded software
We invite you to find out what VisioPointer® can do for you. Simply ask for a free assessment of the possibilities in your plant, and we will show you how to achieve a very attractive ROI while increasing throughput, improving quality and reducing quality costs. Contact us here ->
  Read more about our machine vision systems here.  


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