Quality inspection of end-of-line products
for the food producing industry


High quality food products require flawless production and detection of all nonconforming products.

The VisioPointer® performs inspections at very high speeds while accurately rejecting nonconforming products.

VisioPointer® is a fully integrated quality control system in a stand-alone unit.

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When providing high quality food products, major issues related to product quality include visual appearance, packaging integrity and validity of information on the package.

Simultaneously, production lines operate at increasing speeds and complexity, including the ability to handle several product variations. This allows for higher production efficiency, but also increases the risk of errors and the requirements to quality control.

The VisioPointer® can perform complex inspections at high speed including:

  • Label inspection
  • Bar code inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Art work inspection
  • Seal inspection

Major benefits of the VisioPointer® include:

  • Full, in-line visual inspection of all products – removing need for manual inspection
  • Immediate rejection of imperfect products
  • Clear overview of production process status and failure levels
  • Built-in analytics modules for immediate identification and analysis of error sources
  • Simple teach-in of new products requiring no programming skills for operators
  • Rapid switch-over from one product to another
  • Full documentation of inspection process including a cloud-enabled option

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