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TriVision Enters The Finnish Market With Haarla OY

TriVision and Haarla OY join forces to bring TriVision’s standardized vision inspection solutions into Finnish food manufacturing facilities. The collaboration holds a great potential for success as Finnish food manufacturers, due to tough market conditions and challenges, significantly and in many ways can benefit from applying TriVision’s automated inspection.

With Haarla OY as new partner and distributor in the Finnish market, TriVision expands its distributor network to 15 partners worldwide.

Finland is a market of great opportunity for the new constellation as Finnish food manufacturers face tough market conditions such as Finnish production salaries as well as Finnish retailer prices being among the highest in Europe. Hence, TriVision’s solutions cannot only help Finnish manufacturers across food sectors to ensure product quality and food safety, but also significantly reduce quality assurance costs, expensive food loss and waste through reliable automated inspection and intelligent data utilization.

By joining forces with Haarla OY, TriVision will have a local Partner that effectively can promote these benefits to the Finnish manufacturers and provide efficient implementation of TriVision’s solutions:

“We see Haarla OY as an attractive partner for multiple reasons. Besides having run a solid business for years as a supplier for the food manufacturing industry, the Haarla team also possesses great technical abilities, great knowledge about machine vision and a professional approach to their market and customers”, says Jesper Bach, Managing Director at TriVision.

Haarla OY is a family-owned business founded back in 1962 and has been supplying e.g. quality measurement instruments to the food manufacturing industry for years. With the Company’s competences and strong position within the food industry combined, large Finnish food manufacturers can expect an introduction to TriVision’s solutions anytime soon:

“Having existed for many years, Haarla has created strong customer relationships and is perceived as a strong, trustworthy advisor. I think it won’t be long before we will be preparing our first system with a Finnish interface”, says Jesper Bach.

Haarla will be distributing a range of TriVision’s standardized machine vision systems for automated quality control of food packaging. Hence, Finnish manufacturers can look forward to not only getting their hands on accurate label and date marking verification, but also the world’s most reliable visual verification of package seals, based on TriVision’s leading vision technology.

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