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TriVision develops machine-vision based quality assurance solutions for the food industry. Discover our systems, inspection types and service contracts that provide you a complete solution.

Packaging inspection

Package seals, labels, print, barcodes, and appearance are just some of the things we inspect on different types of packaging within the food industry. This is done with TriVision's inspection modules.

Some of our inspection systems come with more inspection modules than others. Find the inspection modules that can solve your challenges and discover the system that can provide the inspection types you need.

Explore our packaging inspection modules

Food inspection

TriVision offers a number of inspection solutions for quality control for different sectors within the food industry.

Our food inspection modules enable foreign body detection as well as inspection of size, colour and shape of e.g. seafood, meat, dairy, confectionery and ready-to-eat-products.

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Machine vision systems

Find the right machine vision inspection system for your processing line or packaging line.


The characteristics of the products that are to be inspected, the required inspection types and the production environment are all deciding factors when it comes to finding the right system.


Explore our systems and find the right TriVision system that solves your challenges.

Discover our vision systems

Production Intelligence

All TriVision's solutions include TriVision's production intelligence module, which collects data of all inspections made.


The functionality includes an online platform where production data is utilized and presented intelligently to support production optimization.

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