TriVision Inspection types

Seal inspection

Ensure food product quality, appearance and optimal shelf life with seal inspection of food packaging.

Seal validation for ensured product quality and optimal shelf life

Package sealing is a crucial step in the packaging process of food products in sealed packages. An intact package seal keeps the food product in a closed environment with the best conditions for ensuring optimal shelf life and product quality in terms of appearance, taste and nutrients.

TriVision’s seal inspection is developed to check and validate the seal of skin pack and modified atmosphere packaging, i.e. thermoformed packaging and tray sealed packaging, which isolates gas mixtures with the food product to preserve product freshness and extend shelf life.

With unique, proven setups of camera and light setup above and below conveyor belt level and advanced image processing software, our systems can validate sealed packages' seal integrity.

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Flawless, intact package seals

During seal inspection, the entire seal area of the packaging is analysed ensuring that the seals of approved packages are:


Free of food contamination


Free of welding errors


Free of foil folds


100 % intact


Machine vision systems for seal inspection

VisioPointer® comes with the seal inspection functionality, making it the perfect solution for food manufacturers that want to ensure the seal of thermoformed packaging, sealed tray packaging or vacuum skin packaging.


Discover the VisioPointer®


High efficiency

Inspection of seal on food packages


Up to 1200 mm per second

Quality control

All compromised packages sorted

- Arla Foods, Denmark

"Before acquiring the TriVision system, we had many production stops, but that has improved a lot. Also the number of customer complaints has decreased."

- Arla Foods, Denmark


Seal Controller

Even small elements can compromise the integrity of the seal reducing the protective functionality of the package and lead to spoilage of the food product.

In addition, studies have shown that consumers naturally deselect food items that have less than optimal appearance leading to lost sales and increased waste.


  • Immediate rejection of compromised packages
  • Complete quality inspection of entire seal on all products
  • Simple teach-in of new products requiring no programming
  • Handles unlimited number of product variations
  • Clear overview of production status and failure levels
  • Complete documentation and analytics through cloud-enabled Production Intelligence
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Technical overview

Products inspected

Typically, food packages with sealed edges

Inspections possible

  • Seal completeness
  • Seal impurities

Processing system

Industrial PC

Communication protocol

OPC UA and digital I/O

Possible configurations

  • VisioPointer®
  • In-line
  • OEM

Possible functionality

  • Production Optimization
  • Production Intelligence
  • Remote assistance
  • MES / ERP connection

Product max dimensions

Width = 500 mm

Length = 1000 mm

Camera type


Operating system

Windows 10 IOT Enterprise LTSB



User interface language

All languages available


Full HD for widescreen



Commercial Director, partner

Phone: +45 63 15 47 00


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