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Seal inspection

Ensure food product quality, appearance and optimal shelf life with seal inspection of food packaging.

Ensure optimal shelf life
with seal inspection

Package sealing is a crucial step in the packaging process as an intact package seal keeps the food product in a closed environment. The closed environment gives best conditions for ensuring optimal shelf life and product quality in terms of appearance, taste and nutrients.

Even small elements can compromise the integrity of the seal and reduce the package's protective functionality, which is why automated seal inspection is necessary to ensure seal integrity.

TriVision’s seal inspection is developed to check and validate the seal of vacuum skin pack and modified atmosphere packaging, i.e. thermoformed packaging and tray sealed packaging, which isolates the food product with gas mixtures to preserve product freshness and extend shelf life.

With unique, proven setups of camera and light setup above and below conveyor belt level and advanced image processing software, our systems can validate sealed packages' seal integrity.

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Avoid leakages with flawless, intact package seals

During seal inspection, the entire seal area of the packaging is analysed to ensure that the seal contains no errors. Common errors in package seals that cause an unappealing appearance and leakages are food contaminations, foreign object contaminations, foil folds and welding errors.


TriVision's seal inspection systems reject all packages with such seal errors, preventing leakages caused by food contamination, tunnel leakages caused by folded foil and unsealed areas in the sealing caused by e.g. malfunctioning welding jaws.


The basics of TriVision Seal Inspection

Watch our movie and hear the basics on how TriVision's seal inspection detects typical seal errors in food packaging to ensure optimal shelf life of packed food products.

Seal inspection systems

VisioPointer® comes with the seal inspection functionality, making it the perfect solution for food manufacturers that want to ensure the seal of thermoformed packaging, sealed tray packaging or vacuum skin packaging.



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