MACHINE VISION-BASED Production Intelligence

Production Intelligence

Look into your production with intelligent visions systems for increased production yield and waste reduction.

Production optimization through machine vision data

A TriVision system is not only a quality control system, but also an optimization tool for manufacturers. It generates data of the inspections performed on every single product in the production line, resulting in unique insights about the production process.

With TriVision's production intelligence module, manufacturers can utilize valuable inspection data to gain production insight, discover production trends and carry out production optimization to improve OEE and reduce waste. 

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All generated data is stored in a cloud-based data base and made accessible through the TriVision online platform. Here, TriVision’s data analytics and documentation software provides a clear overview and statistics of all inspection data, enabling site management to assess the data and discover the possibilities for production optimization.
eports with production data for driving focus on daily OEE optimization.

Users can also receive emails automatically with relevant production data on a frequent basis, driving focus on daily OEE optimization.


- RPC Superfos, Denmark

“The solutions have great flexibility and are ready for future developments. This is the way forward. There is no doubt!”

- RPC Superfos, Denmark

Examples of relevant

Real-time analytics

  • Total volume produced
  • Approved / rejected
  • Up time / cycle time
  • OEE
  • Error types
  • Comparison across production lines
  • Comparison across production sites
  • Comparison across time intervals


  • 100% real-time data tracking
  • Interface either web-based or customer-specific
  • Automatic analytics of production results and error types
  • Enables predictive maintenance
  • Easy, full production performance history
  • Integration with other production management systems
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