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TriVision Machine Vision solutions

 - Advanced production insight and quality control

TriVision A/S has in the past decade's dedicated development efforts to build automated machine vision systems for the manufacturing industry, by developing our Packaging Inspector™.

Machine Vision is a subfield of engineering that incorporates: computer science, optics, mechanical engineering and industrial automation.

Machine vision is used for inspection of manufactured goods such as dairy, convenience food, packaging, electronics, building materials, medical products and much more.


Production optimization

A variety of different industries have optimized their processes by using advanced vision technology in order to automate production intelligence by using image preprocessing and hereby remove the need for manual labor in quality control.

TriVision machine vision solution is designed to inspect segmented objects trough automated vision trigger rejection when it is presented with errors.

Manufacturing industries depend on speed and yield in their production and therefore it is necessary to replace manual inspections with automated control driven by digital image processing. 

Here is how machine vision solution is functioning :

  1. Taking a picture of the desired final product
  2. Processing and analysis of the image to obtain a result
  3. Sending the information further to the system that controls, and potentially reject the process
  4. Reacts depending on the vision system's outcome

After the image is obtained the system analysis is based on introduced criteria. Judged by dimension and pattern, the machine vision system can by itself identify faulty products and automatically discard them, in several areas along the production line.


Why choose TriVison vision system?

Industrial inspection systems contribute to production perfection. Developing intelligent Machine Vision solutions prevent products with production flaws, errors in labeling or blemished surfaces.

TriVision develops high-end automated vision systems, for maintaining a high level of quality control by simultaneously collecting valid data about the performance of the production and giving the manufactures insight in where the production line can (and should be) be optimized.

TriVision’s machine vision systems are designed and constructed to perform on a number of specific tasks necessary to industrial production. TriVision is recognized for a user-friendly system, so any employee can perform tasks without needing any special knowledge but rather a general technical presentation.


Benefits of TriVision Machine Vision solution

Our vision system is designed to meet all the production demands within the industry as:

Avoid products with manufacturing flaws

Companies can now prevent using a lot of time and manual labor, going through produced goods. And in worst case scenario, companies can prevent delivering products with any kind of manufacturing defect that affects their customer.

Avoid products with flaws in their appearance

All products are scanned and the ones suspected for design flaws are being removed from the production line before risking being delivered further on to the retailers.
Faulty packaging has several hazards, one is the consumer often try to avoid products with flawed packaging, due to uncertainty whether the products quality has been compromised.
Another and far more vital concern if you are producing products with a short expiration, faulty packaging can actually lead to prematurely decay.

Avoid products with wrong information (wrong labels or wrong printing)

Each product has its unique barcode that is scanned with our machine vision system and avoid wrong labeling.
Some countries have strict legislation against products in faulty packaging or with errors in labeling, because of concerns about food safety.


 IT and camera technology towards error-free production

TriVision is specialized in integrating industrial inspection systems for the food manufacturing industries, using advanced IT and camera technology.

Our machine visions main purpose is to deliver an error-free production for companies in the manufacturing industry, who are dedicated to minimizing waste and improve efficiency.

Get in contact with TriVision experts and together we’ll improve your business by eliminating production errors while we improve product quality and reduce sunk cost in the production.

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