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Label and artwork inspection

Make sure your packaging's information and artwork are correct and in perfect shape.


Perfect appearance
with label and artwork inspection

TriVision’s label and artwork inspection ensures that all packages’ food labelling and artwork are in perfect shape, which includes all information and graphics on the packaging. These can be printed on labels or directly on the packaging, e.g. on the top foil of thermoformed packaging.

Label and artwork errors typically occur if the applied label rolls or foil rolls are incorrect, damaged or placed incorrectly.
Ensuring correct information is crucial, as it informs consumers about the package’s content before they decide whether to purchase the product and protects consumers in relation to food allergens. The appearance of the food labelling also differentiates the product to make the product appealing to consumers.


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With automated label inspection, TriVision’s systems ensure that all food packages’ information and artwork printed on labels or directly on the packaging are:


  • Correct
  • Complete and intact
  • Readable
  • Positioned correctly and not wrinkled

Label and artwork inspection solutions

VisioPointer® and SmartInspector® are reliable, automated label and artwork inspection systems. Whereas VisioPointer® comes with a built-in conveyor belt, ejector, and additional inspection options, the SmartInspector® has a minimalistic design which makes it easy to install on top of existing conveyor belts. 


Discover our systems and find the right label inspection system for your production lines. 


Discover the VisioPointer®               Discover the SmartInspector®



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Talk to a vision expert

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