Automated Label Inspection

Ensure Perfect Food Labelling

Avoiding errors in food labelling is important for manufacturers to comply with laws and regulations as well as ensuring food safety. It is crucial that especially consumers suffering from food allergies are able to identify a food product's content. Additionally, perfect labelling makes products look appealing.

Label and artwork errors may occur if applied label rolls or foil rolls are incorrect, damaged or placed incorrectly, if equipment malfunctions or is set incorrectly.

We inspect food packaging’s labels and artwork to ensure that all packages' labelling is correct and in perfect shape.

Incorrect Labelling

It happens in food productions that labeling machine needs adjustment or that incorrect label rolls are applied. Products with incorrect or no labels at all will not comply with regulations and can cause hazards related to food allergenes. By implementing a TriVision label inspection solution, all products with missing, incorrect or damaged labels are detected and rejected.


Misplaced Labels

Even if the correct label is applied, additional label errors can occur that producers want to avoid. Labels can be misplaced if the labeling machine needs to be adjusted or if products are not infeed properly. The vision-based automated inspection of labels helps operators to detect this trend and adjust equipment early.


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