Automated Product Inspection

Product Inspection
with wide application

TriVision’s food inspection systems inspect different aspects of different foods as our technology has a wide application when it comes to food inspection. Hence, our systems work as efficient quality control solutions for many sectors within the food industry such as seafood, dairy, meats, prepared foods, and confectionary. 

The wide application of our systems also means that we can inspect specifically what is important to manufacturers and their customers. Besides ensuring that all bad food products are rejected from the processing line, our systems' allow manufacturers to obtain data and learn from all inspections made to optimize the processing.

Earn customer loyalty
with consistent food quality

Having loyal customers buying one’s food products repeatedly is the dream for all food manufacturers. But having loyal customers requires a high consistency in food quality. Consumers will become loyal customers if they prefer a specific product and expect it to have the same content, appearance and taste at every purchase.

Automated quality control for food inspection is key in ensuring a consistent level in food quality and improving business performance.
If consumers purchase the same food products repeatedly, retailers will continously allocate shelf space for the products. With TriVision’s reliable vision inspection systems, manufacturers can consistently deliver products of high quality, leading to customer loyalty.

However, food quality can be many things as it depends on the specific food product. What consumers find important differs from product to product. Hence, food manufacturers have specific needs when it comes to automated inspection of food products.

Gain insights about the food processing
if food quality drops

Knowing what went wrong when bad products were produced is essential in production optimization. Besides inspecting all products and rejecting the bad ones, TriVision's systems also generates data on all inspections to provide in-depth statistics on the production.
Hence, site management can gain insights about the food processing when bad and good products are produced.

The valuable insights from TriVision's production intelligence help manufacturers produce less bad food products and reduce costs.
In some cases, data can also help increasing food quality, even if it already is of an acceptable, high standard.

Ensuring presence and the right amount

Elements of a food product can be inspected to ensure that a package contains what customers expect. A package containing less than it promises may irritate customers and cause them to buy an alternative product.

What is important to consumers usually decides what is important for manufacturers to inspect. It can be the presence and amount of topping on frozen pizza, the presence and the number of nuts on frozen cakes or the presence and number of essential elements in ready-to-cook-meals such as bags of sauces or meat balls.

Our automated vision inspection ensures that all food products consistently match manufacturers’ targets and hence meet customers’ expectations, eliminating bad customer experiences and creating customer loyalty.

Also, data generated by TriVision’s systems can be utilized to find out when any number or amount of elements in the food product exceeds the target to reduce product giveaway and hence costs.

Detection of foreign objects

Parts of packaging material or food waste removed earlier in the processing can stick and hide in the surface of the food product. Detecting such contaminations is crucial to avoid that contaminated products reach the shelves, which can result in bad customer experiences, expensive recalls and in worst cases hazards.

Foreign object contaminations stuck in the surface of food can be hard to detect with the human eye. Not only do some processing lines run at a high speed, but foreign objects can hide in the surface if their color is similar the food surface's colour or if they are small.

We offer different solutions for foreign object detection to solve specific challenges manufacturers may have. With different proven camera, light and software setups, our systems can detect small foreign objects down to 1 mm², foreign objects of all colors and materials in all types of food surfaces.

Manufacturers do not want their food products to be contaminated with foreign body objects, of course. The data generated by our vision systems’ production intelligence functionality provides insights that can help finding the cause.

Inspection of food appearance

Our systems inspect and ensure all aspects of food products' appearance such as shape, size and colour, supporting manufacturers in delivering a consistent product offering to consumers. 
A manufacturer of biscuits might want to ensure that biscuits have specific and similar sizes and shapes to differentiate their product and if customers value a specific size.

The inspection of food’s colour can also be essential when it comes to food quality inspection in several food sectors, as the colour of a food product’s surface can tell a lot about its quality. Colour inspection can be used to ensure that e.g. biscuits are baked perfectly, that salmon pieces contain adequate amount of red meat or that blue cheeses contain the right kind and the right amount of mold.

As unwanted colours  can be related to the processing, TriVision's data generation can help operators look into the processing and make adjustments to reduce the number of bad products being produced, and hence reduce costs.

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