Cheese Inspection Solutions

Early Detection of Mold and Foreign Objects

TriVision offers a range of turnkey vision systems developed specifically for automating the quality control of various cheese blocks at different stages.

TriVision's CheeseInspector® solutions can be implemented to check the surface of cheese blocks before and after the debagging process. Some cheese producers need to check cheese blocks for mold spots after ripening before debagging, whereas producers that debag cheese blocks need to check that no plastic pieces are stuck in the surface after the debagging process.


The Most Efficient Cheese Inspection Solutions
on the Market

Few automated inline solutions for cheese block inspection exist, and TriVision's vision-based turnkey solutions are by far the most efficient ones - with the fastest return on investment.

With decades of experience within the cheese industry and in developing turnkey vision inspection systems, TriVision has developed a leading range of solutions for cheese block inspection.

TriVision's CheeseInspector® range is characterized by key traits that make the solutions the leading alternative:

  • Fast ROI
  • Low footprint
  • Easy operation
  • Minimum maintenance

Inspect Round and Squared Cheese Blocks

Solutions for Different
Shapes and Sizes

With stand-alone turnkey solutions and configurations available,  TriVision's CheeseInspector® range offer solutions to can automate the inspection of both squared and round cheese blocks.
All sides and the entire surface of the cheese blocks can be inspected.

The bottom inspection is either performed by a camera below conveyor level through or from a top camera by implementing a mechanical cheese flipper.


Solutions for Cheese Block Inspection

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