Reliable Mould and
Foreign Object Detection

TriVision offers a range of turnkey vision systems for automating business critical quality control of cheese blocks, ensuring compliance, avoid failure costs and protect business.

The solutions are implemented inline to check every cheese blocks after the foil ripening process. Mould spots might occur in processed cheese blocks, and plastic might get stuck in the surface after the foil removal process.

Hence, CheeseInspector® can be implemented before and after de-baggers for respectively mold and plastic detection.



The Most Efficient
Cheese Inspection Solutions

Few automated inline solutions for cheese block inspection exist, and TriVision's vision-based turnkey solutions are by far the most efficient ones - with reliable failure detection and fast return on investment.

With decades of experience within the cheese industry and in developing efficient inspection systems, TriVision has developed a leading range of solutions for cheese block inspection.

TriVision's CheeseInspector® range is characterized by key traits making it a great business case:

  • Reliable, efficient inspection.
  • High efficiency - *up to 15 blocks per min.
  • Fast ROI.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact systems for low footprint
  • Minimum maintenance.

Eliminate QC and failure costs

Automate and Achieve
a Fast Return on Investment

Producers handling cheese blocks typically rely on significant manual labour resources for manual inspection. Just by considering the automation and reduction of the manual labour costs, TriVision's CheeseInspector® becomes an attractive business case. The compact vision systems require a limited investment and releases significant manual labour resources, providing a fast return on investment.

Producers can automate and optimize without compromising on product quality, by relying on TriVision's reliable, industry-proven failure detection.

The ensured compliance will only make the business case even better, by preventing expensive production stops and recall costs.


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