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Cheese Industry

Get Every Cheese
Product Right

Producing the perfect cheese is an art. It is all about creating the same taste, texture and appearance in every cheese, which is difficult as the production process is long and complex.

Cheese producers know that small adjustments matter. And consumers want the cheese experience they value every time. Our vision inspection helps cheese producers to achieve consistency in all cheese products.


Inspection of Cheese Packaging

Solve Typical
Cheese Packaging Issues

Various errors may occur when products such as cheese slices are packed. Cheese might get stuck in the seal, which can cause leakages and a reduced shelf life. Or the cheese product can be labelled incorrectly.

Discover our solutions that can ensure the quality of your cheese packaging.

Cheese Packaging Inspection 1200 x 700

Colour Inspection

Mold Detection

A common challenge in cheese productions is to detect mold spots in cheese blocks, which occur if e.g. oxygen is present below the plastic, if moisture occurs or if the temperature is too high, which can cause bacteria to grow during the cheese's maturing time.

We inspect cheese blocks before the plastic cut process, helping cheese producers avoid large costs related to mold issues. Mold spores spread in a production facility typically cause significant waste and downtime as extensive cleaning is required. Additionally, recalls and sales declines related to mold issues are also avoided.

Mold Detection 2_950 x 700

Foreign Object Detection

Detection of Plastic

Plastic parts stuck in the surface of cheese blocks after the foil cut process is a well-known challenge for cheese producers. To detect these flaws, many producers use manual inspection, which requires a significant reduction of the conveyor speed. However, detecting plastic in cheese surfaces remains challenging for the human eye, and some flaws are overlooked.

With tailored vision solutions for reliable, high-speed inspection, TriVision enables cheese producers to operate efficiently while making sure that all approved cheese blocks contain no plastic parts in the surface.

Plastic detection

Slice Inspection

Inspection of Cheese Slices

Our solutions are also utilized to inspect slices of food, including cheese slices. Before stacking their cheese slices, producers want to check the slices' quality and make sure that they are ready for stacking.

Our solutions check the cheese slices' position on the conveyor to ensure proper stacking, but also inspects each slice's shape and colour to ensure that all slices are complete and have a uniform look.


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