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Join a Team of Dedicated Machine Vision Pioneers

Be a part of TriVision's journey and make a difference by bringing our machine vision technology to food manufacturers worldwide, contributing to ensured food quality and food safety for millions of consumers and significant food and waste reduction.

TriVision has improved product quality and production performance within the food industry for more than two decades. Founded by machine vision pioneers more than two decades ago, TriVision remains today a team that pushes the boundaries of machine vision - to maximize the impact on our customers' performance.

Supply Chain Koordinator / Projektsupporter (Deltid)

Som SUPPLY CHAIN KOORDINATOR hos TriVision kommer du til at arbejde i vores projektteam og supportere med drift, eksekvering samt service aktiviteter. Du arbejder ligeledes sammen med organisationen om at støtte projektlederne, og løse forskelige udfordringer, være foran med komponentleverancerne og være en stor del af virksomhedens daglige drift.

Send dit CV og ansøgning til: tp@trivision.dk

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We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications.

If you are passionate about your field and want to make a difference at TriVision - a fast growing company and leading producer of vision inspection solutions for the food industry, then you might just be our next team member.

Please forward your application and resume to career@trivision.dk

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