Barcode inspection

Barcodes play a vital role in making business processes efficient. Make sure your barcodes are correct and in fine shape with our barcode inspection

Barcode inspection

Keep business processes efficient
with barcode inspection

Having correct and readable barcodes on packaging is crucial for manufacturers to do business efficiently. Processes such as inventory management, track & tracing and product handling throughout the supply chain are made mode efficient with perfect barcodes.

Correct, readable barcodes ensure that prices are entered correctly at the counter and makes transactions faster. And with the increased prevalence of retail self-checkout systems, it is essential for the customer experience that consumers can scan products’ barcodes easily.

TriVision’s barcode inspection ensures correct, readable barcodes on all packages, which includes barcode verification with inspection of the barcode's grading and quality.


TriVision's systems can inspect many types of both 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes, both commonly used in the food industry.
During a barcode inspection, the TriVision system ensures that all barcodes are:


  • Correct
  • Readable
  • Positioned correctly

Inspection of data embedded barcodes

We provide different barcode inspection solutions for our customers, as food manufacturers embed different types of information in different types of barcodes.


1D barcodes are embedded with various information such as country, production site, batch number etc. As this is static information, the barcode of a specific product will be identical on all packages.
In some cases, barcodes are embedded with dynamic data, e.g. when packed food products vary in weight. The price of each product might also vary if the price is determined by the weight. In such cases, the packages will have price embedded barcodes or weight embedded barcodes that are unique.


With their advanced software, our systems can handle data embedded barcodes and ensure that packages have correct barcodes, readable barcodes and that the embedded data in the barcodes are correct.

Barcode inspection solutions

TriVision's VisioPointer® and SmartInspector® are both high-end, efficient barcode inspection systems. Both systems fully perform TriVision's thorough barcode inspection.

VisioPointer® comes with its own built-in conveyor belt, ejector and additional inspection types, whereas SmartInspector®'s compact design enables an easy installation on top of a existing production line's conveyor belt. 


Discover both systems and find the right quality control system for your packaging lines.



Discover the VisioPointer®               Discover the SmartInspector® 

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Talk to a vision expert

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