At TriVision every employee is passionate about developing the most user-friendly high-end vision solutions for our customers - from component development, installation and daily use to maintenance.

What we do

TriVision delivers high-end user-friendly vision technology solutions for the production industry. Our solutions help our customers gain a higher efficiency and quality in the production with reliable documentation and traceability.

Our solutions are used by:

  • Arla Foods
  • Tulip
  • Superfos
  • Danfoss
  • PlusPack


TriVision has during the years received several awards for their highly user-friendly systems. These awards include the Danish Automation Award, a part of the Danish Robot Award, the European Grand IST Price and a nomination for the FoodPharma Innovation Award.

TriVision has also received high acclaim from the end-users in general. The products from TriVision are at the same time advanced, industrially sturdy and exceptionally user-friendly. The TriVision systems do not only ensure high quality of the products. The TriVision systems also provide the user with a unique tool for keeping the production optimal and in this way actually increase the production yield to a higher level than before the installation of the TriVision system. An extraction of our reference list can be found here.


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Award Winner

  • Danish Automation Award
  • European Grand IST Price
  • Food Pharma Innovation

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