At TriVision every employee is passionate about developing the most user-friendly high-end vision solutions for our customers - from component development, installation and daily use to maintenance.

What we do

TriVision delivers high-end user-friendly vision technology solutions for the production industry. Our solutions help our customers gain a higher efficiency and quality in the production with reliable documentation and traceability.

About TriVision

TriVision was founded in 1999 in Odense, Denmark - a city that is recognized worldwide for strong robotic capabilities.

From the outset, TriVision has focused on delivering quality control automation that secures strong production yields and product quality.
The basis for the company has always been a deep understanding of industrial vision and the ability to develop vision automation solutions that work - based on leading technologies and user-friendliness focus.

Today, the company is a proud supplier and partner to many leading manufacturing companies and our systems inspect more than 1 million items each day.


Most of our Inspectors can be provided in different configurations – either the stand-alone unit VisioPointer, the simple yet advanced SmartInspector, as well as an in-line solution or on OEM basis.

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TriVision has during the years received several awards for their highly user-friendly systems. These awards include the Danish Automation Award, a part of the Danish Robot Award, the European Grand IST Price and a nomination for the FoodPharma Innovation Award.

TriVision has also received high acclaim from the end-users in general. The products from TriVision are at the same time advanced, industrially sturdy and exceptionally user-friendly. The TriVision systems do not only ensure high quality of the products. The TriVision systems also provide the user with a unique tool for keeping the production optimal and in this way actually increase the production yield to a higher level than before the installation of the TriVision system. An extraction of our reference list can be found here.

Award winner

  • Danish Automation Award
  • European Grand IST Price
  • Food Pharma Innovation

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