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TriVision develops high-end, user-friendly quality control systems based on machine vision technology for the food industry and the pharma industry. Our solutions enable manufacturers to ensure product and packaging quality, obtain reliable documentation, optimize the production and become more sustainable using production intelligence.

With our standardized quality control systems designed as single units, TriVision offers advanced, thorough machine vision-based quality control of food packaging that is simple to implement in new and existing production lines.
TriVision’s systems are today installed in more than 20 countries and are sold through a network of more than 14 distributors around the world.

Our ability to provide consistent, effective quality control of food and packaging in a simple, standardized fashion stems from our vast experience within industrial vision and our dedication to push the boundaries within the field.

Two decades of machine vision pioneering

Our deep understanding of industrial vision and our abilities within the field are strongly tied to the story behind TriVision.

In 1999 in Odense, Denmark, home to one of the world’s top robotics and automation clusters, TriVision was founded by Ole Neckelmann, Peter Hauge and Claus Gramkow. The three founders joined forces as they shared deep competences within industrial vision, a deep passion for the field and a strong belief about its potential application.

While working together on vision projects at the Danish shipbuilding company Odense Steel Shipyard, which included the development of a highly advanced 3D machine vision solution for measuring large ship blocks, the group had already then begun pushing the boundaries within machine vision.

Eager to expand the application of machine vision technology, the team started TriVision and continued to do numerous highly advanced projects throughout the years, e.g. developing technology for face recognition and vision measurement for jaw surgery.

From the very beginning, the founders knew machine vision’s undoubted potential for the food industry, as TriVision’s very first customer was a well-known Danish food manufacturer. Since then, TriVision has continuously helped food manufacturers with quality control of food and packaging.

Today, our two decades of machine vision pioneering enable us to deliver unique, consistent and effective quality control solutions for the food industry by providing advanced machine vision technology
in a simple, user-friendly fashion.

Most of our Inspectors can be provided in different configurations – either the stand-alone unit VisioPointer, the simple yet advanced SmartInspector, as well as in-line solutions or on OEM basis.

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